I’d like a custom option I don’t see available.  Is that possible?

Certainly!  Perhaps you’d like to add some stones to your band, choose a different kind of gold (18kt, 22kt), or maybe want a particular finish.  Chances are I can create a unique variation for you.

How long will it take to receive my ring?

Each ring is custom-made to order, and on average the process runs about 3-4 weeks.  If you need a ring sooner than that, feel free to contact me about a rush order.  There might be room in my schedule for rush orders, but I can't always guarantee it.  

I have an awesome idea for a ring!  Can you create it for me?

Most likely!  I really enjoy custom projects, but depending on the amount of current orders, I might not always be able to take on a certain project.  If you have something in mind that seems to fit my general aesthetic, then send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!  

Can you engrave the ring for me?

Yes!  Rings can be engraved.  I have a jeweler friend that has been professionally hand engraving rings for decades and does an amazing job.  His work is stunning and adds a very classy and meaningful element to each ring.

Every listing has an option to add engraving built into it.  The maximum for an engraving is 20 characters long, and you can type the exact message that you would like engraved into the order.  The process adds two weeks to the timeline, so please plan accordingly.  Custom symbols/letters/designs are possible, too.  Contact me if you have something unique in mind.

How do you make the rings?

All of my rings start from raw material that I have milled to my exact specifications.  Once the metal arrives here to my shop, I hand make the rings in small batches.  Each ring is soldered, shaped, sized, and finished according to your order.  Check out my Process page for a little more insight into the creation of each ring.

I don’t like all that Dirty Gold stuff I hear about.  Where does your metal come from?

All of my metal is supplied by Hoover & Strong, a precious metal refinery and supplier based in Virginia, whose raw material is 100% certified recycled.  I’ve been working with them ever since I started building rings and I’m also a Harmony Authorised Retailer.  I’m very pleased to be using their metal, as they are a fantastic company to do business with.

How can I figure out my ring size?

Check out the sizing page for details.

I’m not sure which style is right for me.  Can I see your rings in person somewhere?

Currently, I only sell online or in person at my studio; this gives me the ability to work directly with the person who will be giving or receiving the final ring.  If Beverly, Massachusetts is relatively close to you, feel free to contact me and setup an appointment.  I’m pretty flexible with my schedule, so let me know what works for you.  There are lots of awesome places to visit around here as well, if you’re looking to make a small trip out of it!

On occasion I have some sample inventory on hand that I can send out to you to view in person.  Please contact me for more details about this option.

Your rings look all modern and artsy.  Are they comfortable?

Definitely!  I smooth all the rings to touch; it’s one of the aspects of building rings that I really enjoy.  As I build each ring, I’m constantly running my fingers over them to feel the edges and surfaces and making sure everything is just right.  Everyone has their own preference, so if you’d prefer a ring that is heavily rounded inside, let me know in the checkout section of your order.

How will your rings wear over time?

Each ring will take on it’s own patina over time as it comes into contact with harder items.  Scuffs and scratches are bound to happen, but they can always be refinished, if needed.  The rings are work-hardened so that they become very tough and durable, and each ring comes with a little care card as well.

Whoa! Why are your prices so Low/High?

I get both these questions equally.  I try to price my rings as fairly as possible.  Currently, I only sell online through this site and Etsy--directly from me to you with little overhead.  The only other person who will ever handle your ring is the postman!  I'm not interested in competing with large retailers who focus on having the lowest prices or those who need to support their overhead expenses through high mark-ups.  I would rather focus on creating unique, hand-crafted, and personalized jewelry.  Check out these links to learn more about My Story and my Process.

What metals do you use, what are the differences?

The metals I primarily work with are silver, palladium, and 14kt gold.  Custom rings can be made with 18kt gold, 22kt gold, and platinum, as well.  I can provide quotes on an individual basis.  

Silver (.925 Pure)
Silver, the whitest of all the precious metals, is lightweight and very affordable.  If you’re looking for a large ring on a tight budget, this can be a great option.  Silver is quite durable and will keep its form under heavy use; it also takes on more character than other metals.  On rare occasion, some chemicals can cause silver to tarnish, but can be restored easily through polishing.

Palladium (.950 Pure)
A lesser-known but fantastic metal!  Palladium is very similar to platinum, although it is half the weight and half the price per ounce.  Palladium is very tough and looks great with a brushed finish.  The color is an even grey that creates a strong contrast with yellow and rose gold.  

White Gold (.585 Pure)
I use 14kt palladium white gold, an alloy of pure gold and palladium.  14kt palladium has a nice warm grey tone to it that pairs very naturally with rose and yellow gold.  I prefer this alloy to the industry standard 14kt nickel white gold.  Nickel white gold often has a light yellow tone, which is offset with a rhodium plating that can wear off every few years.  The 14kt palladium white gold I use looks great on its own and never needs to be plated.  Please note that if you need to match this ring to a white gold ring that was purchased elsewhere, this band many need to be rhodium plated to match.

Rose Gold (.585 Pure)
I love the color of rose gold!  Rose gold is an alloy of pure gold and copper.  Unlike pure copper, it won’t tarnish and oxidize.  Rose gold has a nice subtle color and looks awesome either brushed or polished.

Yellow Gold (.585 Pure)
The alloy of yellow gold I use is called "royal yellow"; it has a bright yellow hue that is similar to higher karat golds.  Yellow gold, a classic choice for rings, adds a vibrant contrast to the white metals and also looks great on its own.

What is the symbol next to your name?

The    is my hallmark. You'll find it stamped inside each ring, and on all of my packaging.

Is Jesse Danger your real name?